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Strict Quality Control is Our Calling Card

We carry the best electronic cigarette brand but with a difference: unlike our competitors, you can actually find the best prices for smokeless nicotine delivery devices in our store. We also sell accessories and fittings that are compatible with each and every Ego e-cigarette line.

Direct Challenge

E-Cigarette China is so confident about its pricing scheme that we are issuing a direct challenge to our customers. We want you to find a product that sells cheaper than what we have and we will match that price. In fact, we feel so generous that we might even give a bonus for being enterprising. You can not have a better deal than that. Of course, this is subject to several preconditions including a level playing field. You can not possibly be comparing our prices with an online store within the region that is in the middle of an inventory sale.

Expanded Inventory

Speaking of inventory, we have one of the extensive supplies of personal vaporizers and accessories. Those who are new to electronic cigarettes will appreciate the fact that they can find everything they need on E-Cigarette China. They do not need to hop from website to website looking for even the most difficult fixture for their e-cigs.

More Brands, More Affordable

You can find all electronic cigarette brands in our store. We take pride in our inventory and we constantly update it depending on the demands of our customers. The e-cig industry is rapidly growing as more and more people have direct or indirect negative experience with cigarettes.Within this milieu, it is becoming more and more difficult to meet all the demands but we are well up to that challenge. We do this by making sure that even when our orders are constanly increasing, our quality control never suffers. You can expect the same superior quality regardless of whether you place an order for 1 e-cig or 10,000.

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